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Sue Williams, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March 2017

“The views from the skybridge will be spectacular, ranging from the harbour to the Olympic Stadium,” says Stanisic. “The bridge will move ever so slightly in certain weather conditions, and the experience of walking or riding a bicycle over it will be exhilarating rather than scary.”

Dani Wright, Sydney Morning Herald, Amazing Architecture, 24 February 2015

"It’s not possible to just put one use on a site any more and that really comes back to people,” says the firm’s design director, Frank Stanisic,whose latest project under construction is Jewel at Wentworth Point. “They want other facilities and another way of living, not just a box to sleep in. They want where they live to support their lifestyle.”

“We like to allow lots of sunlight into apartment living spaces and to minimise air conditioning with cross flow ventilation throughout,” says Stanisic. “We also have inside-outside spaces, such as winter gardens where living areas are extended outdoors.”

“Trends are towards lifestyle-led living environments, where residents might go downstairs to a delicatessen or restaurant on site or childcare facilities,” Stanisic says . “They like the convenience so they can spend more time doing the things they want to in life.”

“They might also like some spaces closed off or opened up depending on the time of day or season of the year,” says Stanisic. “It’s a nod to the great tradition of Japanese design, which uses those adaptable spaces.” 

“Multi-use apartments are about creating not just a memorable building,” says Stanisic, “but also a memorable sense of place to belong to.”

Tarsha Finney, Monument 92 August/September 2009

The bridge will move ever so slightly in certain weather conditions, and the experience of walking or riding a bicycle over it will be exhilarating, rather than scary,” says Stanisic.
Sydney Morning Herald, Domain, 12 December 2015

"CODA, completed in 2008, is embedded on a trajectory of spatial experimentation into multi-residential housing that has been undertaken by the practice over the past 10 years."

"With CODA, Stanisic takes one of the seminal spatial innovations of the 20th century, the double-storey cross-over apartment popularised by Le Corbusier in his Unite d'habitation in Marseille (1947-1952), and pushes it in another direction and further away from the single level and spatially dull residential 'flat' that dominates apartment provision in our cities."

Research By Design, Steel Profile 102 March 2009

"'As an exercise in contemporary living spaces, this is a prototype,' he says, harking back to the idea of EDO as a living laboratory."

AIA Jury Citation 2008, Frederick Romberg Award, Architecture Australia November/December 2008

(In EDO) "'Environment, diversity and operability' is the inspirational framework adopted by the architects for the design of this compact inner-city residential and commercial complex."

AIA Jury Citation 2008, Frederick Romberg Award, Architecture Australia November/December 2008

(In EDO) "The architects have demonstrated sensitivity, skill and experience in negotiating an impressive balance between the commercial interests of the client, the comfort and amenity of the occupants and architecture's responsibility to the public domain. They have created an exemplary model for multiple housing in an urban setting."

Stella de Vulder, Director AAA, The Sydney Magazine, The (top 100) issue, January 2008

"Because of the work of people like Frank, the developers have had to raise their standards - and that benefits us all"

Sydney Star Observer, 15 November 2007

"Wilkinson Award-winning architect Frank Stanisic is turning heads with his metallic zeppelin on the corner of Epsom Road and Joynton Avenue"

Alec Tzannes, RAIA President, the Australian Wish Magazine, July 2007

"Frank's made an outstanding contribution to Australian Architecture and his practice is extremely important in the area of sustainability and medium density housing"

Sue Williams, The Australian Wish Magazine, July 2007

"Stanisic has been the diving force behind the country's largest master-planned urban renewal site, Green Square in Sydney, which will become home to 33,000 people"

Sue Williams, The Australian Wish Magazine, July 2007

"Architect Frank Stanisic thinks houses are passe and environmental disasters. Apartment living is the way of the future"

Last Word, Specifier, Issue 76, 2007

Q: "Your greatest achievement?" A: "Staying alive till the age of 50, without a (major) stroke"

Professor Tom Heneghan, Architecture Australia May/June 07, Vol 96 No 3

"Mondrian helped establish the 'look' of contemporary Sydney apartment living, and its many derivatives, by other hands, no matter how weak, attest to its positive influence"

Professor Tom Heneghan, Architecture Australia May/June 07, Vol 96 No 3

"One wonders what the impact of the city would be were EDO to become - as it should be - the reference point for all new medium density housing developments across Sydney

Professor Tom Heneghan, Architecture Australia May/June 07, Vol 96 No 3

'Stanisic is arguably Sydney's most notable current exponent of collective housing design...'

Caroline Butler-Bowden and Charles Pickett, Homes in the Sky: Apartment Living in Australia, The Niegunyah Press, 2007

'Others are optimistic that Mondrian will inspire a characteristically Australian apartment type that responds to both its urban and environmental setting'

Philip Drew, Indesign 18, August 2004

'With the explosion in apartment building in Sydney, one could be forgiven for thinking that there had been a corresponding decline in the quality of such buildings. The work of Stanisic Associates has, however, defied the trend'

RAIA Jury Report 2003, Wilkinson Award, Architecture Bulletin July/August 2003

'Mondrian is delivered in a stunning and refined 'new modern' architectural script that is a welcome antidote to much of the regressive nostalgia permeating our cities and suburbs.

Philip Drew, Architecture Review Australia, Winter 2003

'Work such as Mondrian apartments illustrates how the stimulus of hard sites that ask more of the architect can be an advantage. In the absence of anything being there, the Mondrian apartments constructs its own meaning out of the dynamic interaction of physical and spatial permeability and its connections with its new surroundings.'

Professor Tom Heneghan, Domain July 24, 2003

'Frank Stanisic might not be the first person in the world who has done a very big balcony but he has done it beautifully.'

Chris Johnson, NSW Government Architect, July 2003

'Congratulations on winning the Wilkinson Award - due recognition for an outstanding series of projects that you have produced over the years and particularly for Mondrian.'

Jennifer Stynes, Domain Jan 15, 2004

'Stanisic Associates is a great proponent of environmentally sustainable principles, so apartments will have flow-through ventilation, lots of light, etc - all the stuff you'd expect of reasonable design these days, even if some architects seem to studiously disregard even the basics (Verde).'



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