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2012 Rozelle Village, Sydney

Green Square Library and Plaza Competition Entries, Zetland

2010 Home, Draper Boutwell Gallery, Redfern

2006 Careers Architecture Faculty, Sydney University


Frank Stanisic has given the following presentations:


2011 Hybrid and Habitation, University of New South Wales

2010 Tour,Talk + Drinks, ERA Kings Cross

2009 SEPP 65, Victorian Architect Workshop, Melbourne

Hybridform, Master of Architecture, University of Sydney

2008 Room without a view, TNT RAIA, Tusculum

FGS/TAS Green Practice, Tusculum

Edo, World Architecture Day, Customs House

2007 Density and Housing, TNT RAIA, Tusculum

FGS/TAS Green Practice, Tusculum

Salon de Refuse AAA, Observatory

Recent Projects, Designbuild Comvention Centre

Rooms in the Sky, Museum of Sydney

2006 Density and Design, TNT RAIA, Tusculum

Autonomy and Connection, University of Sydney

2004 Rhodes Waterside, Monday Night Talk, RAIA, Tusculum

Aurora Place and Macquarie Apartments Introduction, MoS

Alterations and Additions Awards Introduction, Tusculum

2002 Green Square Reflection, Masters of Architecture, UNSW

Urban Housing, Premier’s Conference 

2001 Urban Housing, Master of Architecture, UNSW

2000     Green Square, Master of Architecture, UNSW