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Treacy Street West

Treacy Street West is a hybrid form that is an extension of the distinctive aesthetic of the adjoining Centre and West stages known as Imperial. The external expression emphasises its dual orientation: the sunny north to the Hurstville City Centre and the cooler south to Kogarah. The street elevation to Treacy Street is fitted with a perforated, metal 'jacket' that is placed over balconies. The 'jacket' is a second skin, an environmental filter that screens the living areas from the hot sun in summer and reduced heat loss in winer.

Northern and southern facades are articulated with a varied and carefully codified arrangement of living spaces, bedrooms and balconies that activate the building appearance. The south elevation to the Illawarra Rail Line has wintergardens enclosed by fixed and awning glass panels that reduce noise from trains and minimise heat loss in winter. 

Perforated aluminium balustrade panels to the noth have a 'golden' powedercoated finish that amplify the golden rays of the sun. Fubre cement panels to the south have a metallic silver and bronze paint finish.


Type: Live / Shop / Hybrid / Inside
Location: 33-35 Treacy Street, Hurstville, Sydney, Australia
Status: DA
Year: 2017
Client: The Won Capital Group
Number storeys: 14
Site area: 886 sqm
Floor area: 4,986 sqm (4,780 sqm residential, 206 sqm non-residential)
Accommodation: 41 apartments

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