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Showground is an environmentally sustainable and high intensity living environment within an existing low-rise residential setting that is transitioning to high density living, centred on the new Showground Station. It is framed by an increased setback and potential street dedication to Middleton Avenue to establish this street as a main avenue, permeable and publicly accessible through site  links that connects into the existing street network. It includes a pedestrian green link, ‘Middleton Walk’ that runs parallel to Middleton Avenue from Ashford Avenue to Carrington Street, comprising a pocket park and retail court. Building forms will be oriented to optimise solar access and breezes. Streets are activated with retail towards the new Showground Station and ‘town house’ apartments with direct street access. The site will become a catalyst for the Showground Station Precinct: Residential Sub-Precinct and set benchmark of design excellence. 

Key concepts underlying the vision are Diversity, Connectivity and Sustainability. Diversity applies to the development of a range of building types, diverse streets and communal spaces and housing choice which underpins a vibrant centre that offers complex experiences and social contact. Connectivity applies to an accessible, genuine and diverse network of publicly accessible spaces which integrates existing and future landscapes and buildings, and which establishes a lasting framework and pattern for the growth of the area. Sustainability applies to development of a positive environmental, social and economic outcome for the site that maximises natural cross ventilation and sunlight for the amenity of residents, passive thermal design for ventilation, heating and cooling reducing reliance on technology and operation costs as well as deep soil zones for ground water recharge and vegetation.



Type: Live/ Shop/ Hybrid
Location: 16-20 Carrington Road, 2-36 Middleton Avenue, 3-19 Hughes Avenue, 34+37-45 Dawes Avenue, 3-7 + 4-6 Fishfurn Crescent + 25-31 Sexton Avenue, Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia
Status: Planning Proposal
Year: 2016-2018
Client: Middleton Venture Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 20
Site area: 42,767 sqm
Floor area: 151,585 sqm (2,600 sqm retail)
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital Imagery: Narrative Illustrations

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