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The architecture responds primarily to three principles: diversity, connectivity and interdependency. These design principles are applied to the built form, visual expression, communal open space, dwelling layouts, and community and communal facilities. The concepts underpin the making of a vibrant living environment on the site that will become part of the emerging North Rosebery neighbourhood. The longer buildings on Rosebery and Dalmeny Avenues are articulated as two distinct components with separate lift cores and street lobby entries to create four building components on Rosebery Avenue and two building components on Dalmeny Avenue. These are supplemented with three maisonettes blocks located in the central courtyard. The height of the buildings vary from the 5 to 7 storeys for east-west facing apartment blocks to 3 storey for north-south maisonettes blocks which also define the new pedestrian links at the northern and southern ends of the site.

Diversity of architectural expression is achieved by utilising varied external materials, shading devices, fenestration, facade detail and response to internal unit layouts. The buildings on Rosebery and Dalmeny Avenues step from 5 to 7 storeys along their boundaries to conveniently create accessible roof areas. Higher roofs have been articulated with raised sections or roof monitors for daylight and natural ventilation to south facing apartments. The building aesthetic responds primarily to sun, site and street and the diverse built form is expressed through a range of materials, colour and detail. Exterior precast panels are enlivened with surface texture, jointing and recesses. The accommodation responds to Council’s dwelling mix and Meriton’s design standards. The dwellings layouts are single level except for the north-facing maisonettes, all of which are accessed from lift lobbies. The dwellings achieve the amenity standards required by SEPP 65/ RFDC for solar access, natural ventilation, south orientation and privacy. The site has a range of communal open spaces - courtyards, external child care play space, roof top gardens, deep soil planting, pathways and strip planting - to provide the range of experience that responds to the diverse community of adults and children that will inhabit the site. The site also provides a new street and pedestrian/cycle way. In addition to the child care centre which is located opposite the new park on Rosebery Avenue, communal facilities ware located on the ground floor of the main building on Dalmeny Avenue adjacent to the courtyard and accessed from the adjacent ground level lobby. The communal facilities comprise a 20 metre indoor pool, spa, sauna, toilets, gymnasium, pool plant room, manager’s office, reception, kitchenette and stores.


Type: Live / Learn
Location: 94-102 Dalmeny Avenue + 42-60 Roseberry Avenue, Roseberry, Australia
Status: Limited competition
Year: 2013
Client: Meriton Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 3 to 7
Site area: 10,674 sqm
Floor area: 22,415 sqm
Number of apartments: 208
Digital imagery: Lucid Metal

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