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Kingsway is a mixed use project comprising 89 apartments in two components of 6 storeys (Kingsway) and 4-5 storeys (Flide Street), connected by aerial bridges, above a ground level health services facility. The two components are differentiated through massing and articulation, composition of building elements and material use to establish individual identities for residents and health service users.

The site is in the Caringbah Medical Precinct, in close proximity to the Caringbah Town Centre, approx. 300 metres from the Caringbah Rail Station. It is in transition from low-rise, detached dwellings to mixed-use buildings comprising apartments and health services.

Kingsway has an aesthetic that expresses the environmental aspirations of the project, untainted by sentimentality and contextual gestures. The expression of the elevations responds to many factors including orientation, construction, technology and apartment amenity. The buildings and landscape have been designed as an integrated and sustainable system, resulting in aesthetic quality and amenity for both residents and the public.

To the Kingsway, the character of the building facade is a glazed volume with bays, balconies and spandrel panels with a vertical rhythm, syncopated to the location and canopy of large ironbark trees (STIF) that will grow to the height of the building and shield about 70% of the facade. The form is further articulated by deep recesses and slots as vertical emphasis to the building and reduce the bulk and mass of the elevation. The north-east elevation is free of screening as it will be ringed by the canopy of trees in the medium term.

A ledge extends from level 1 to differentiate the ground level and the glass line has been recessed for cover to the residential lobby and health services, as well as anchoring the building to the ground. A dark bronze colour emphasises the base to the building. The Kingsway elevations are restrained to reinforce the strong differences in the scale and character of the two streetscapes in a landscaped setting. The material palette includes clear, translucent and colourback glass and off-form concrete. Aluminium glazing and door frames, perforated horizontal screens are power-coated in gold and dark bronze finishes. The coated glass has a light blue tint to sit comfortably against the sky and clouds and reflect the mature native trees that ring the site.

To Flide Street, the facade is finer grained with a vertical human-scaled appearance that responds to the small cottages on the southern side of the street. Generous balconies activate the street frontage and differentiate the lower 4 storey form from the setback 5 storey stepped form to the courtyard.

To the courtyard, deep slots to compact 2 bed apartments are expressed to create three vertical bays and the roof profile fragmented against the sky to further differentiate this form from the Kingsway form so that it doesn’t present as a homogenous mass. Extensively screened facades are used in the absence of tall streets, utilising perforated metal balustrades, sliding screens and vertical louvred blades that respond to the orientation and unify the forms. The southern facade, which does not require shading, maximises glazing so that occupants can visually connect with the tree canopy.

Kingsway has three large communal courtyards, located at lower ground level, ground level and a roof terrace (Flide Street). The shaded lower ground level courtyard functions as a space for conversation, meeting for health service facility staff, viewing and waiting space for health service facility patients, entry pathway to residential and health service lobby from Flide Street with planting, seating and gravel pathways. The sunny ground level communal terrace functions as a space for active enjoyment and is accessible by all residents.

The communal roof terrace is an additional external communal meeting space with a BBQ and canopy. It is a generous viewing platform, designed as an intensive green roof with communal gardens and facilities with outlook for residents and visitors to enjoy the verdant setting of the evolving Caringbah Town Centre and Port Hacking. The communal open space comprises a 580m² communal courtyard at lower ground level, a large 565m² ground level communal terrace and a 310m² communal roof terrace. Additional planting is provided within deep soil areas within street and side setbacks. The site is located within the Green Web Restoration Area which aims to reestablish corridors in urban areas through the establishment of canopy and ground cover links across properties using species indigenous to the Sutherland Shire.

Large trees will screen and provide shading to apartments and allow residents to enjoy living as part of the landscape. 30% of the site area (1,455m²) is landscaped open space with extensive and intensive areas for communal open space and passive recreation. 30% of the site area (1,450m²) is deep soil area, planted with a predominance of indigenous species to promote the Green Web Restoration Zone and STIF.


Type: Live/Hybrid
Location: 396-402 Kingsway + 21-27 Flide Street, Caringbah, Sydney, Australia
Status: Development Application lodged
Year: 2015
Client: Sky Blue Developments Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 4-6
S ite area: 4,831 sqm
Floor area: 9,663 sqm (7,304 sqm residential , 2,358 sqm non-residential)
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital imagery: David Duloy 

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