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Jewel comprises three residential finger buildings on a retail podium, intersected by a through-site public way that connects Wentworth Point to the Homebush Bay Ferry Wharf and Parramatta River waterfront. The buildings have been arranged to activate the site at ground level and achieve views, sun and light into apartments and courtyards. The buildings are slender, finger forms draped in a golden sheath – a veil of golden, moveable screens that mimic the Harbour’s reflected and refracted light, and colours of the river landscape setting.

Reaching out to the water, like fingers of a hand, Jewel is a glittering, gold landmark that lights up Parramatta River and provides a welcome relief to the its more somber neighbours. The buildings have been shaped to capture sun and designed to complement the landscape and connection to place. Jewel is an iconic portal to the Harbour – one that lights up its magnificent waterfront site in the most brilliant, arresting and enriching way.

The apartments offer wide range of living. The internal spaces are extended by screened balconies, tempered spaces for outdoor living with filtered light and sun. The moveable screens give residents a choice of privacy from secluded to open. Elevated communal courtyards, with views to Parramatta River, provide social amenity for residents and visitors.

Jewel is a skillful integration of mixed uses that support social diversity and generational living. The through-site public way – ‘Pierside’ – is covered by steel framed fixed awnings and central glazed canopy providing all weather protection for pedestrians. It terminates at the new ferry wharf and is a venue for shopping, dining and relation that spills out of the adjoining buildings. A basket supermarket, ringed with specialty stores, is located under the main courtyard. A childcare centre for 60 children with a sunny outdoor play area is located on the north-east corner, opposite a future school.


Type: Live/ Hybrid
Location: 1 Burroway Road, Wentworth Point, Sydney, Australia
Status: Completed
Year: 2014-2015
Client: Payce Pty Ltd + Sekisui House Australia
Number of storeys: 9
Site area: 10,430 sqm
Floor area: 26,529 sqm (3,750 sqm retail)
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital Imagery: Doug + Wolf, Binyan
Builder: Dasco

AIA, Architecture Award, Multiple Housing, Finalist, 2015
Sydney Design Awards, Silver Medal, Architecture, 2015
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