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Infinity Cove

The design concept for this project is a 'U-shaped' building form around a central courtyard that opens to the north and presents a curved frontage to the street to diminish the visual impact of the built form. The sculptural form of the free-form facade is ringed by curved balustrades comprising solid and glass elements. The siting of the building preserves an existing band of trees at the Lane Cove Tunnel portal. Behind the continuous curving balustrades the glazed walls of the apartments are regular, creating a series of balcony spaces and deep recesses that create a play of light and shade across the building, with the shadowing animating the building surfaces.

The building is accessed by two lobbies at the central communal courtyard. The court is accessed by a level pedestrian path from Burley Street or stairs from Taylors Lane. The court has been designed as a communal meeting place which faces north and is landscaped around a reflection pond with places to sit and trees to provide shade.

The landscaped garden encircling the building provides an opportunity for walking and gatherings. The pathway can be accessed from the entry at Burley Street, the secondary path through the building court or by the entrance at the corner of Longueville Road and Pacific Highway. The pathway leads through trees and landscaped gardens to an open barbeque area in the south west corner of the site, along the way are a number of seating zones allowing for small groups or solitary activities. 40% of the site is communal open space with 25% retained as deep soil, and 18 of mature trees have been preserved. Dense planting along the west boundary and in the south west corner of the site provide screening to the neighbouring 3 storey residential flat building and to Longueville Road. Low lush planting along the fence line screen the fence and further enhance the bushland setting. The use of predominately Australian natives and particularly indigenous plants creates a long term sustainable landscape that will contribute to the streetscape.


Type: Live
Location: 2 Burley Street, Lane Cove, Australia
Status: Completed
Year: 2014- 2019
Client: GloBuild Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 8
Site area: 3,029 sqm
Floor area: 7,274 sqm
Number of apartments: 95
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital imagery: Ivolve Studios

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