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Highpoint is located along Forest Road is at the highest topographic point in Hurstville City Centre and is now the tallest building along the western edge. Apartments have been designed to take advantage of the 360 degree panoramic views. The hybrid perimeter/tower and courtyard concept uses building form to adjust and respond to the topography, streets and adjoining buildings. The expansive courtyard varies in width from 24 metres at the north-east corner at the through-site way to 58 metres at the south-west corner, adjacent Forest Road. The expression of lighter, open and covered access galleries to the communal courtyard and through-site way contrasts with the wall elements. A communal roof terrace is located on top of the 4 storey form at the eastern end of the courtyard, providing a spectacular Sydney skylight view and an extensive space for residents to gather. There is active retail along Forest Road and Pearl Street.


Type: Live/ Show/ Hybrid
Location: 458-460 Forest Road, Hustville, Australia
Status: Completed
Year: 2012-2016
Client: Toga Developments Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 4 to 18
Site area: 8,125 sqm
Floor area: 36,560 sqm residential, 525 sqm retail
Number of apartments: 448
Collaborators: Architectus (Co-Architect Documentation), Arcadia
Digital imagery: Our Agency
Developer + builder: Toga Group


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