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Eton - Emerald Park (Stage 2)

This residential development in Zetland is a part of the Emerald Park masterplan of the former Email industrial site that is situated on the western side of Joynton Avenue, between O’Dea Avenue and McPherson Lane and includes a major privately funded public park at the southern end, an extension of Mary O’Brien Reserve. The building has a modern aesthetic that expresses the aspirations of the project and its spirit of innovation and environmental excellence. The expression of the elevations responds to many factors including site, sun control, construction, technology and apartment amenity and mix.

The development presents a unique opportunity to create an architectural aesthetic based on environmental and abstract principles, untainted by sentimentality and overworked contextual gestures. The appearance of the building avoids the overused expression of cellular, crate-like elements. Special attention has been given to the composition of building elements and materiality, and adjusting walls to maximise solar access.

The residential buildings have clearly defined forms with strong volumetric components supported by clear material definition. The buildings are composed with active and free-styled wall planes that are contrasted with the metal screens and glazing that wrap around the precast forms at higher and lower levels and into vertical slots. The interplay of the two materials, the solid and lightweight, masonry and metal, provides a distinct and unifying expression to the building forms.

The ‘dancing’ balconies to the east, west and north elevations of Buildings C and D add a dynamic to the elevations that contrasts with the restrained appearance of the sun screens and cladding. The southern elevation of Building C is marked by simple and restrained volumes with a vertical emphasis. The colours of the buildings will be marked with dark browns and mid-tone greys with yellow accents in the body of the building and mid-tone silver metal screens and cladding at higher levels, and corresponding gunmetal grey and metallic silver glazing and balustrade frames.


Location: 13 Joynton Avenue, Zetland, Sydney, Australia
Client: Cronos Corporation Pty Ltd.
Builder: Waterside Constructions Pty Ltd.
Area: 6.650 sqm (approx 25,000 sqm total site masterplan), Floor area: 16,509 sqm (2.0:1) (approx. 50,000 sqm total site masterplan)
Date: 2013-2015
Status: Completed
Collaborators: Northrop Engineers
Photography: Brett Boardman

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