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Elsie #2

The design challenges were to:
-create a building envelope that mediates between the disparate height of adjoining   buildings from 2 to 8 storeys
-establish building form that defines the adjoining streets and public spaces
-create easily accessible and visually prominent pedestrian portals to underground public car park
-maximise north and east facing orientation
-create environmentally responsive office building which reduces solar heat gain, air conditioning and heating
-establish deep root landscape planting and water absorbing surfaces
-retain privacy, solar access and amenity to adjoining neighbours

The building design concept is a form that is articulated as two linear bands which adjust to the scale of adjoining buildings and define public spaces.  25 % of the ground plane is retained as publicly accessible space.  A series of central light wells are introduced between the two building bands to maintain light and ventilation to the office environment, effectively reducing the 35 metre floor plans to interconnected 16 metre wide spaces.

The building has been designed to achieve a healthy, secure and comfortable environment for tenants.  Design features include:
-open air, ‘break out’ spaces for staff in the form of perimeter atria and balconies with timber decks at each level
-excellent glare free. natural light through a central light well band and continuous, screened perimeter glazing
-generous roof terraces at upper levels.
-accessibility facilities such as disabled toilets on each level, disabled parking and ramped access to the entry lobby
-location within 100 metres walking distance of Burwood Rail Station and bus transport routes to encourage public transport usage and reduce motor car usage and Co2 emissions





Location: Elsie, George and Victoria Streets, Burwood
Status: Unrealised
Year: 2003
Client: Calwood Developments Pty Ltd
Number storeys: 5-7
Site area: 5,633 sqm
Floor area: 16,600 sqm
Collaborators:  McGregor and Partners, Landscape Architects
Digital imagery:  stanisic architects

Winner: Invited design competition
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