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CODA has an iconic presence in its urban setting due to its distinctive curved form, metallic louvre screen that wraps around the building’s street edge, and the cantilevered, wing-like, floating roof. The building design focuses on passive design principles to generate a breathing and tempered environment for living.The architectural concept for CODA is a slender, honeycomb framework that wraps around the curved corner site and creates a common courtyard.

The curved eastern end of the site is a distinctive characteristic of the street pattern. It was generated by the movement of trams in the early 20th century and is visible looking south along Joynton Avenue and west along Epsom Road. It complements the existing curved building at the south-west corner of the intersection. CODA is located on Epsom Road, Rosebery, a noisy through road, at the southern edge of Green Square. CODA is within easy walking distance of the Green Square Rail Station, established bus routes and shops along Botany Road. The surrounding industrial fabric is being transformed as part of the Green Square Urban Renewal Area.

The seven storey building comprises 44 apartments, 1,000sqm ground level shops and basement parking. All apartments are two storeys, cross-over layouts with one bed lofts, two bed terraces and three bed sky terraces. The apartments range from 55sqm to 120sqm. All living areas are orientated to the north and east with excellent solar access and district views, shielded with an environmental screen of operable aluminium louvres. CODA apartments are distinguished by large shaded, timber-decked balconies, facing north to the sun and city views.

The north elevation to Epsom Road and north-east elevation to Rothschild Avenue are designed with an adjustable, environmental screen to reduce heat gain and glare. The screen is a gridded steel frame filled with glass balustrades, multi-folding glass panels, multi-sliding aluminium framed doors and sliding and fixed, aluminium shutters which give the building a random, ever-changing appearance as occupants adjust the shutters and louvres to create intimacy let in light and air and connect to the views of the city skyline.

The southern courtyard is a sink of cool air that is used to cross ventilate and cool the apartments. The southern elevation consists of single storey galleries that draw in cool air and circulate it through awning windows above the entry door to each apartment. The cross-flow ventilation through the apartments is induced by the lower ambient temperature in the gallery, which is 10 degrees cooler than the building’s northern side.

The operable environmental screen assists in shading balconies and providing privacy from cars travelling along Joynton Avenue and Epsom Road. CODA’s sustainable building design addresses climate change and global warming. CODA is designed to reduce energy consumption and conserve water. Energy efficient building response is developed through passive design and sun control elements. The building design is characterised by exceptional and dynamic qualities of space, natural light, air flow and solar access to achieve high personal comfort and low energy consumption.


Type: Live / Hybrid
Location: 33 Epsom Road, Rosebery, Sydney, Australia
Status: Completed
Year: 2008
Client: GHD (NSW) & GMD (NSW) Pty Ltd
Number storeys: 7
Site area: 1,874 sqm
Floor area: 3,784 sqm
Collaborators: Aspect Studios Landscape Architects
Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall

AIA, Architecture Award, Multiple Housing, Finalist, 2010

AIA, Architecture Award, Multiple Housing, Finalist, 2009

BPN Environ, Sustainability Award, High Density Housing Commendation, 2008

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