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Campsie is an urban design study which re-considers the adequacy of current planning controls for a key site within the Campsie Town Centre. This study tested a number of built form options of increased height and density and identified a preferred built form model that is underpinned by a series of urban design principles for the site. The concept is a street wall and tower form with fragmended components that create view and daylight corridors through the site and reinforce the sites location as an urban marker that defines the entry to the Campsie Town Centre.


Type: Live / Work / Hybrid
Location: 124-142 Beamish Street, Campsie, Australia
Status: Planning Proposal submitted
Year: 2016
Client: J Group Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 2 to 25
Site area: 3,833 sqm
Floor area: 36,299 sqm residential, 6,900 retail/ commercial
Number of apartments: 303
Digital imagery: Doug + Wolf

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