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The vision for the development is to create two contrasting freestanding elements on the site - anew flat building and existing refurbished heritage villa. The new building has a modern abstract aesthetic which contrasts with the Victorian ornament and elaboration of the villa. Elements are separated by a linear space which acts as the entrance to the new apartments at ground level off Farrar Avenue and entrance to new apartments in the villa at the existing forecourt, or platform level. The built form concept for the project is two complementary forms: a new residential block and retained historic villa and reinstated forecourt. The forms are separated by a linear residential entry lobby which allows the villa to be viewed as a free standing building.

The new residential flat building is 6 storeys + attic, with single level, parking and loading area accessed from Kirketon Road. The configuration and restricted area of the site due to the retention of the villa makes it commercially unviable to excavate and provide basement parking. The top attic level of the building is set back from Farrar Avenue and Kirketon Road in accordance with the attic envelope controls in the South Sydney DCP 1997. The residential flat building is accessed from a linear entry lobby between the new and existing buildings, accessed from Farrar Avenue.

The existing 3 storey villa is refurbished. The rear west elevation, adjacent to the new residential flat building, is reinstated, a verandah is added to the east elevation and the terra cotta roof tiles are replaced with roofing slates. The ground and upper levels of the villa are accessed from a new pedestrian forecourt, approx 15 x 9 m, fronting Darlinghurst Road and the villa basement is accessed from Farrar Avenue.

The design of the public interface comprises: a new pedestrian forecourt, or urban terrace accessed from Darlinghurst Road; commercial/retail at ground level in the villa fronting the new pedestrian forecourt; reinstated historic masonry fence to Darlinghurst Road and Farrar Venue; metal roofed verandah added to the eastern elevation of the villa; residential address to the residential building through the entry lobby off Farrar Avenue; residential address to the villa via an accessway adjacent to the Farrar Avenue and in the space between the buildings; commercial/retail in the lower level of the villa with address off Farrar Avenue; perimeter, street-defining walls to the residential flat building; car park access/egress from Kirketon Road; enclosed waste rooms for residential and commercial/retail uses on Kirketon Road; 1m setback from the kerb along Farrar Avenue for a widened footway; upgrade of the footways along Farrar Avenue and Kirketon Road; and removal of overhead cables and timber poles on Farrar Avenue.


Type: Live/Hybrid
Location: 207-211 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
Status: Work in progress
Year: 2011-2015
Client: BJW Properties Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 2-7
Site area: 699 sqm
Floor area: 2097 sqm
Digital imagery: stanisic architects

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site plan lower ground ground level 01 level 2-4 level 5 section east elev open north elev closed north elev open west elev closed west elev open
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