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The design concept for the building is a linear slab building that is perpendicular to the noisy street and setback from the northern boundary to create a sun-lit courtyard and maximise solar access to apartments. This building is conceived as one half of a pair, bisected by a publicly accessible through site link that connects Bennelong Parkway with Bay Park. The development seeks to introduce a residential character to a predominantly industrial/ commercial precinct. This is achieved through the use of materials including face brick and glazing, the inclusion of dense landscaping and green roofs and the composition of the elevations. The site is located within a B5 – Business development zone on Canterbury Road – a major state road. The neighbouring sites contain warehouse buildings, service stations and an auto dealership, all setback a minimum of 9m and generally greater than 15m from Canterbury Road. A large planter bed is established on Canterbury Road and 6.0m eastern setback is densely planted. The inclusion of dense planting helps combat the aggressive Canterbury Road environment and establishes a precedent for future mixed use developments.

The bulk and scale of the development is modelled with wide recesses at the lift cores, deeply recessed balconies and contrasting materials including Bowral Blue face brick, glazed white brick and aluminium composite panels in anthracite grey. Deep balconies and slot windows punctuating the walls and wide recesses at the lift lobbies all assist in establishing a balanced composition in a discordant neighbourhood. The glazed business/ office tenancies address Canterbury Road. The existing streetscape does not support awnings as such the glazing is setback from the built edge by 2.0m to provide weather protection and opportunities for signage. Solid balustrades are included on the ground floor and the first floor at the northern end to provide privacy and reinforced the residential character. Three primary materials are used to reduce the bulk and scale of the built form including concrete base, brick middle and metal cladding panels to the top level and cores which introduce scale and grain.

The proposed landscaping for the site provides extensively landscaped areas, including large areas of deep soil planting to improve the streetscape and achieve a building within a landscaped setting. It is anticipated that future developments will also provide additional planting within deep soil zones to reduce the heat island effect and introduce a ‘green network’ to Canterbury Road.

Careful consideration has been given to the residential entry experience. The entry path is a gently sloping path alongside dense planting bed, letterboxes are under cover in a well-lit area are covered porch and seating at the lobby entry allows places for people to meet and wait. The courtyard garden opposite the entry lobby provides visual amenity with vistas to the gardens and through the building, while also being a place for residents to meet and wait. Communal spaces have been included to encourage social interaction within the development these include: the covered porch at the main entry, the courtyard garden accessed directly off the ground floor lobby, rear communal BBQ zone and the Level 5 roof terrace which includes BBQ area and wet bar. All communal spaces have equitable access and encourage social interaction.  The roof terrace has been relocated to the south of the building at Level 5 where there is better amenity away from noisy Canterbury Road.



Type: Live/ Work/ Hybrid
Location: 1608-1612 Canterbury Road, Punchbowl, NSW, Australia
Status: Development Consent
Year: 2015-2020
Client: The Newmans
Site area: 3,650sqm
Floor Area: 6,926qm (723sqm Business. 6,203sqm Residential)
Floor space ratio: 1.9:1
Height: 5 storeys
Apartments : 62
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates, Planning Ingenuity, Mills Oakley
Digital Imagery: Ivolve

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