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OTW - Stage 2

One The Waterfront (Stage 2) is crafted, contemporary and connected - three key ideas that underpin the aesthetic for the development. Stage 2 comprises two storey street/ park defining buildings which complete the perimeter form and enclose the courtyard of the development. The rich, visual nature of the architecture comes to life with clear and bronze tinted glazing, bronze metallic frames and gold finished vertical aluminium louvres which amplify the sun and animate the facades. The built form along Amalfi Drive is defined as an understated and refined continuous street wall as a backdrop to the park. The lower four storeys of the built form is emphasised by a change of material to create a pedestrian low-rise scale. The large, deciduous street trees along Amalfi Drive complement the built form and are an environmental screen allowing the sun to penetrate balconies and living areas in the cooler months and providing shade in warmer months. All units have good views, taking advantage of vistas to the park, generous courtyards or wider precinct views.


Type: Live
Location: 23 Bennelong Parkway, Wentworth Point
Status: Under-construction
Year: 2016
Client: Wentworth Point 1 Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 6
Site area: 25,570 sqm
Floor area: 11,477 sqm
Number of apartments: 150
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital imagery: Ivolve Studios

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