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Infinity Cove

Infinity Cove is a a complex project located at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Longueville Road providing an opportunity for a crafted, contemporary residential building that responds to its unique location and setting. The building responds by providing a sculptural form that peels away from Longueville Road, presenting a curved ‘back’ to Longueville Road and Pacific Highway, becoming more regular in form along the Burley Street and Taylors Lane frontages. The resulting form provides 95 apartments set in ‘U’ shaped plan around a central north facing court. Each floor has a projecting floor slab and balcony running as a ribbon around the building. The solid and glazed balustrades create a visual pattern by sliding the panels across each other at each floor emphasising the sculptural nature of the built form. The siting of the building allows the existing band of trees that currently encircles the site to be retained and, where necessary, replanted to create a natural bush setting and a ‘green veil’ to the public domain.


Type: Live
Location: 2 Burley Street, Lane Cove, Australia
Status: Development Application submitted
Year: 2016
Client: GloBuild Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 8
Site area: 3,029 sqm
Floor area: 7,274 sqm
Number of apartments: 95
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital imagery: Ivolve Studios

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