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Green Square Masterplan

Projection of 25,000 living + 15,000 working population; green and compact model based on sustainability principles; armature of parks; public domain framework; systems of channels and ponds;
average fsr of 1.25:1 (1.0 – 3.0 range); gradation of building height; emphasis on street defining built form with courtyards; recognition of residential and industrial heritage; transportation plan with emphasis on rail, buses and bikes; new rail interchange at green square town centre;
pedestrian walking environment, reduction on motor car dependency; range of uses including live and work; ecological sustainable initiatives; gas, boosted power co-generation; community facilities;
public art program; affordable and social housing initiatives; new sewer, stormwater, communications, gas and road infrastructure.


Type: Instruments
Location: South Sydney: Zetland, Waterloo, Alexandria, Rosebery
Status: Construction completed
Year: 1995-1998
Client: South Sydney Council
Number storeys: 4-20
Site area: 275 ha
Floor area: 1,250,000 sqm LIVE + 375,00 sqm WORK
Collaborators: Hassel, co-architects
Photography: stanisic architects
Digital imagery: David Wardman

Winner: Invited design competition






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