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Green Square Competition

The architectural design approach is ‘to give back more to the city’ while achieving an iconic architectural form on this key site in the Green Square Town Centre. In addition to activating all street faces as required by the design brief this has been achieved by adjusting the building envelope to reduce the overshadowing of the Green Square Plaza and Library by the new development. The building height has been shifted from buildings A and B, adjacent to the Green Square Plaza, to buildings C and D, adjacent to Botany Road and Ebsworth Avenue, all within the maximum height control. The ‘leading edge’ of the shadow line has been reduced by 9 metres in height to provide increased solar access to the glass prism and oculus of the newly proposed library at the critical lunchtime period from the shortest day of the year onwards.

The improved solar access to the Green Square Plaza and increased public interface of the building has been achieved while providing communal spaces and an iconic building form. Communal recreational facilities are located on the roof terraces of buildings A and B. The recreational terrace of building A is dedicated to health and well being and is available to all residents of the project. It comprises a generous exercise pool, gym, spa and sauna which are visually connected to the Green Square Plaza. The garden of building B has water, decking and planting designed on Fengshui principles related to wind and water. This space is a place of contemplation and renewal, more sensual and calmer. The central courtyard is a place of conversation, meeting and display and has large tree, decking and water and is ringed with shops and café. It is accessed by pedestrians from Ebsworth Avenue, Tweed Place and the Green Square Plaza.

 The project is designed to respond to is all surrounding contextual conditions, district and distant outlook and orientation. The building expression is diverse yet integrated. Its develops a modern aesthetic to express the aspirations of the project and its spirit of innovation and environmental excellence to support Council proposed Green Infrastructure for the Town Centre. The aesthetic is designed to respond primarily to sun, street and site. Attention has been paid to building volumes, textures and surfaces.

The building presents as a slender, iconic, ‘flatiron’ form at the corner of Botany Road and Ebsworth Avenue; modulated form along Ebsworth Avenue to adjust to the scale of the shopping street, fine grain, ‘lane-like’ scale along Tweed Place and more fragmented elemental form opposite the Plaza to reveal the inner central courtyard and roof top recreational terraces and spaces. The built form is tied together with its materiality, colour and detail. 


Type: Live / Shop / Hybrid
Location: 301-303 Botany Road, Zetland, Australia
Status: Limited competition
Year: 2013
Client: Crown International Holdings Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 6 to 21
Site area: 5,470 sqm
Floor area: 39,380 sqm
Number of apartments: 426
Digital imagery: Doug + Wolf, David Duloy, Stanisic Architects

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