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The development is for 89 apartments above a health service facility in two components of 6 storeys (Kingsway) and 4-5 storeys (Flide Street) connected by an aerial bridge. The two components are differentiated through massing and articulation, composition of building elements and material use to provide an individual identity for residents and health service users. To the Kingsway, the character of the facade is a glazed volume with bays, balconies and spandrel panels with a vertical rhythm, syncopated to the location and canopy of large ironbark trees that will grow to the height of the building and shield about 70% of the facade. To Flide Street, the facade is finer grained with a vertical human-scaled appearance that responds to the small cottages on the southern side of the street. At Flide Street, wide balconies have been introduced to activate the street frontage and differentiate the lower 4 storey form from the setback 5 storey stepped form to the courtyard. There are three large communal courtyards located at lower ground level, ground level and a roof terrace (Flide Street).


Type: Live/Hybrid
Location: 396-402 Kingsway + 21-27 Flide Street, Caringbah, Sydney, Australia
Status: Development Application lodged
Year: 2015
Client: Sky Blue Developments Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 4-6
Site area: 4,831 sqm
Floor area: 9,663 sqm
Collaborators: Sturt Noble Associates
Digital imagery: David Duloy

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